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Vaping Facts Every Smoker Must Be Well-Aware Of!

Vaping Facts Every Smoker Must Be Well-Aware Of!

If you look back to a few years from now, you will realize that vape, vaping tools or what we commonly call, Electronic cigarettes were an alien term to many. They weren’t only not easily available, but they were also hard to find due to the eccentric feeling that surrounded them. While now vaping has become quite mainstream to some level and people tend to know the ifs and buts about it, some smokers are still unaware of the difference between smoking and vaping. Though, they should be the ones who should be the most informed, however E-cigarettes still go about unnoticed due to the intense addiction. Having said that, the smokers are the ones who have potentially the most to gain from vaping. So, those who haven’t ever taken interest must take it now. For your help, we have listed out three common facts that every smoker must know about vaping. 

Vape Is Safer Than Cigarette Smoke: 

Based on shoddy sciences and remarks, many a journalists and sites have claimed that vaping is as dangerous as cigarette smoke. Most the smokers hesitate to shift to smoking because they think there is no purpose in shifting to something that is equally dangerous. Stop right there. This is hogwash. As per various studies carried out by the various health departments around the world, including Public Health England, the answer is quite the opposite. If you are planning to buy vape liquid Australia, be informed that these cigarettes are at least 95% safer than the old-fashioned cigarettes you are smoking right now. People around still justify by saying that there is this 5 per cent that can die, but there have no researches, studies or even claims to prove this. With no evidence, how can it be claimed that vape can kill anyone. The potential risk here is that vape does not have tobacco, but it does include nicotine, so there might be some addiction to the latter but that hasn’t been proved yet. So, let’s say, as far as the health hazards are concerned, no one in any way can justify that vaping is as dangerous as smoking, because it is not. 

You Save A Fortune: 

While packet of cigarette a day or even few cigarettes you smoke every day might not sound like a money-spending extravaganza for you, but it is costing you a lot. On the other hand, switching to vaping saves you a lot of money. Believe us, it does. When you look at the price of an e-cigarette, it might cause you a mini heart-attack, because they are expensive than cigarettes on the outset. However, if you compare your total cost of a cigarette pack being bought regularly, you will realize that, you are not only committing a dangerous but a costly mistake as well. We all know cigarettes are disposable, once used, they are gone. On the other hand, E-cigs are refillable, which means you get to keep them as long as you want. You will only have to replace the liquids and other replacement parts. The initial kit cost will be recovered in a few days when you compare it to the cost of four or five packs of cigs going nowhere. There is always a trial and error with vaping, because you will have to experiment with the flavors first, till you find the one that is your ONE. Once you have narrowed down on the choice, you will save a lot of dollars in the month to come, as compared to your previous habit of buying cigarettes. 

Does It Help Quit Smoking? 

Most of the people think that e-cigarettes are a substitute to conventional smoking. Let’s accept that leaving smoking isn’t easy at all. Most of the times when people switch to substitutes, they think that it is going to help, while if you do not have the will and patience you cannot quit smoking at all. Vaping is a lot better substitute, and you have the liberty to customize the nicotine that goes into your body. In a nutshell, you will have to do the hard work of getting rid of all the tobacco that goes in your body, but once you switch to the substitute, all the efforts will be worth it. 

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