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Use custom pallets to ship your products

Use custom pallets to ship your products

A pallet is a horizontal transport structure that is used to provide support to goods when they are being transported by equipment such as a forklift, a pallet jack or a crane. It is the most common base for a unit load which is the combination of the pallet, the goods placed on top of it and anything that is used to stabilize them such as adhesive or stretch wrap. Not only does the custom pallet provide a great base for assembly, storage, handling and transport of the goods but also provides protection which means that you don’t have to worry about your goods getting damaged when they are being transported. There are many types of pallets such as the block pallet which has a four-way entry meaning that they can be accessed by equipment such as forklifts from all four sides. There are many kinds of block wooden pallets for sale as well and have a variety of configurations such as being with or without bottom boards. Stringer pallet have boards that run between the top and bottom deck to provide support and can either be a two-way stringer pallet or a four-way stringer pallet according to the number of sides in which entry by equipment is allowed. In general, wooden pallets for sale have two styles: single face and double face. Single faced ones have decks on the top as well as the bottom which helps is evenly distributing the load. Double faced pallets have either reversible sides or non-reversible. Reversible ones can be flipped, and goods can be stacked on either side but on non-reversible ones, goods can only be stacked on one side. There are also solid deck pallets available which are like one large stretch of wood without any spaces and is a popular type as customers find it easy to clean and aesthetically appealing. 

The most common type of pallet is the wooden pallet as it provides a good combination of durability and a price that is easy to digest. There is also a recycling infrastructure available for the wooden pallets for sale which means that they are the easiest to reuse and recycle allowing for a cleaner environment.  These types of pallets are the easiest to customize and are also lightweight which makes them easier to handle. However, they can also break under heavy loads and are susceptible to damage by water and insert. Depending on the type of wood from which the pallet is made, the price can vary from cheap to average in range. Meta pallets are also available and have the advantage of being more sanitary that other types as well as being resistant to insects. However, they have a higher price and can be prone to rust which will affect the goods being transported on them. Plastic pallets are also becoming popular as they are very easy to clean and resistant to odour as well as being a hundred percent recyclable. However, they can be very costly to buy and replace. 

Getting pallets customized according to the size and weight of your goods is highly advisable as it offers a lot of benefits. Custom pallets are made exactly in the way you want your goods to be transported and you won’t have to worry about the goods getting damaged as the pallet is designed to minimize any type of damage. It is also easier to pack the goods as there will be no extra space to fill on the pallet and goods are less likely to move during transport. You are able to transport more on one vehicle as the custom pallets will be designed to save space and fit according to the size of the vehicle. You are also able to better organize your warehouse as the pallets will be neatly stacked and will waste no floor space. It also helps the staff in counting the pallets and keeping track of the goods that are placed on those pallets. You can also get your company name and logo printed on the pallets which acts as a form of branding and people will know what is being stocked when they see the custom pallets being offloaded from the delivery vehicle. You are also able to save valuable money through cutting on transportation costs as less rounds will have to be made. 

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