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Tips For Burglar Proof Door Security At Home

Tips For Burglar Proof Door Security At Home

Every person wants to give his or her family security and safety in life and when it comes to home, it is supposed to be a safe spot for the family. Nowadays, burglary is quite a rise in the streets of Australia, intruders even trespass or try to trespass the limits of the house while challenging the security of the residents. This is not right and requires from the head of a family to opt for safety measures which could protect the house. Generally, the first thing which has been done in this regard is to set up burglary alarms in the vicinity and considering the job is done. This is not true as nearly 70% of the thieves enter from doors in the house be it a garage door, main door, patio door or others. Therefore, it is the need of time that we do things which could make our doors securer in addition to having the alarms on the place. Kestrel Australia has been providing top-notch quality security doors all across Australia with a long list of satisfied clients on board. Their best part is they do not ignore the aesthetics of the safety doors and treat it as an equally important aspect. Reason being, Aussies tend to be very cautious about the decor and design of their homes. Apart from that, there are a few things that one must bear in mind while deciding upon the security doors of its house in order to make them burglar-proof, such as: 

Choose Solid Doors 

The first thing to do is to pick a door with a solid base or foundation so the thieves could not go through it conveniently. You can use hardcore wooden security door Melbourne to serve the purpose at hand as any violater would not be able to kick it open. Metal and steel come as other options, if you are opting for metal then make sure that it has internal reinforcement and block lock so the thief could not bend it with a car jack. Steel is the sturdiest of a door, still, you need to invest in its maintenance to serve the purpose at hand. 

Windowless Doors 

One can also opt for the windowless security doors in Australia in order to enhance the safety of a house. Generally, if the door has a window through which light in peeping in then this look inviting to the eyes and the passers-by as well, enhancing the risk of enticing someone to break the window and open the lock which might be at a hand’s distance from the window pane. Considering this it is recommended to go for the windowless main entrance doors in the house of Australia. 

No Landscaping Nearby 

It is suggested to not do any kind of landscaping or trees placement or shrubbery near the door entrance as it would make it easier for the burglar to lie down there on the ground behind the landscape and then wait for the right moment to happen to make him or her, go inside the house. Therefore, do the landscaping at a safe distance from the main entrance doors. 

Dead Bolt 

One must pick a branded deadbolt when it comes to the locking mechanism of one’s security door Melbourne. Reason being, no matter how hard or of quality your door is it could be made open if the lock does not penetrate deep enough in the door frame. Reinforced steel doors could also be bend and open in a kick or two if the lock is not strong. Therefore, it is safe to say that, locking mechanism plays an integral role in making a door stronger and securer in Australia. 

Secondary One Sided Deadbolts 

Another thing which can be done to enhance the security of the house when you are home is to install a secondary one sided deadbolt, accessible from the inside only. This would increase the security of the house, especially when you inside as it would be doable from the inside only, therefore, it would difficult for a thief to cross through it.  

Lastly, one can simply not overlook the strength of the door frame and jamb in order to ensure and enhance the security of the door. Therefore, make sure that door frame is thick and not a mere flimsy thin plate, must be affixed with 3” long screws burrowing deep down in the wall. Jamb, on the hand, has to be of galvanized steel in order to make the frame bear the shoulders thumps, kicks and other invading forces.  

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