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Tips And Tricks Of Wine Tasting

Tips And Tricks Of Wine Tasting

Wine Touring events have become a trend around the world. They provide wine enthusiasts with a perfect opportunity to learn certain factors about a multiple wine they know or may not know. The best thing about these tours is that they provide everyone with the perfect opportunity to try out new wines without having to invest in an expensive bottle. However, most of the people refrain from becoming a part of such tours, due to the hesitation of overcoming if something goes wrong during them. Because, we all know, nobody among us particularly specialises in wine tasting.  

We know it may be a little intimidating to go for these tasting tours for a very first time. Enough with the hard talk! Wine tasting is a whole new world of adventure for your taste-buds. On the other hand, it is a great way to socialize over some world-class wines. Even if you don’t like a few flavours, everything tastes better when you are in good company. So, there is a lot that we can include here and create a list of dos and don’ts that accompany wine tasting tours. Some of them are: 

DO: Find Out Structure of The Event: 

Each wine tour has a different structure. Some encourage socialising during the entire event while others have quite a formal setup. Similarly, the wine presentations are also different depending upon the theme and the way the entire tour has been laid down. It is always a best way to find out the setup and the timeline of the event. This helps you understand if this particular event is your cup of tea or not. You also get to know what kind of people will be coming, so you can take your socialising and getting ready for the event game up a notch. Furthermore, the wines are also presented in different ways in multi natured tours. So, you got to cover the bases as well. 

DON’T: Be Afraid To Share Your Opinion: 

This is one place where the newbies get afraid. Just because you are coming to the tours for the first time that does not mean you are not entitled to your opinion. Share your thoughts about the taste and the scent. Meanwhile, listen to what other guests are saying about the taste as well. Keep in mind the opinion of those are who wine fanatics. Similarly, if you are out on the field do ask questions about the origins and ask your host for recommendations based on your particular taste.  

DO: Try Something New: 

Wine tasting is done due to the reason that you try out new stuff available out there. It does not mean that you go and hog on to your favourite. Don’t stick to what you know! Trying out new flavours and wines with different origins will give you a good knowledge of their background and the regions they come from. Even if you are touring local wines, you need to give yourself something new in the tour. In the midst of trying out multiple different options, you will realise that you have given your taste bud a breather, and the flavours that you didn’t even think you like will start growing on you.  

DON’T: Get Boggled! 

This is the cardinal sin of wine tasting. With so many delicious and new tastes to try, it is super easy to go with the flow and drink more than you can accept. Take it slowly, and enjoy the aromas, flavours as much as you can without hogging it all up. When you think you have had enough, just politely say no and end this tour with the pleasant taste still in your mouth and senses intact.  

These were some of the wine tours tips and tricks mapped out, so you feel right at home during one the events you attend. If you were hesitant till yet, we guess this article has given you a reason not to be. Be natural, be you and try out stuff that’s new. You want to get out of your comfort zone, but beware, not too much. If you are a wine person, trying out new wines is definitely going to be a fun experience for you, and if done the right way, we know you are going to be part of these tours for the rest of your life. Good luck with that!  

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