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Things-To-Do before Hamilton Island Tour

Things-To-Do before Hamilton Island Tour

Hamilton Island is one of the most visited tourist islands in Australia due to the abundance of attractions being offered through it. Once you are on the island, you will never find yourself in a lesser-things-to-do situation. There is always so much to do and get involved into at the island that anyone could barely get bored over there.  

On the downside, you cannot keep track of each and everything going on at the island especially if you are visiting for the first time. Local guidance is very important in this regard. Therefore, do your homework before leaving, talk to your friends who have already visited the place about the do’s and don’ts of it.  

Below is given a list of things to do before you set yourself on tour of the renowned Hamilton Island: 

Booking Confirmation 

If you are flying by plane or going through the ferry, make sure your booking is confirmed. Most of the people visiting the island get tour packages from the local agencies and travel planners who also offer free of charge pick and drop facility to and from the traveling point, same is the case with few of the hotels of accommodation in Hamilton Island. So, ask the provider if they facilitate the clients on this point or not on signing up for any such package. 

Pack for Everything 

As you know, the island offers you so much to do, therefore, prepare yourself for everything that you could have to do or you would like to engage yourself in over there. The very basic rule of thumb is to take swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, sun cream, a hat, light clothing wears as well as warm ones, medical certificate for scuba diving, sporting gears as well as diving certificate along if you want to take the fun element a notch higher. There are few hotels and spots on the island that provide free beach towels as well as other things of entertainment, you should read about them as well.  

Hamilton Island App 

Once you have decided that you would be visiting the island then the first thing you should do is to install the Hamilton island app to stay abreast of all the latest happenings, activities and events on daily basis. This helps a lot to those visiting for the first time. This surely is your concierge throughout your stay at the Hamilton Island.

Travel Insurance Is a Must

It is always good to carry your travel insurance along, however, if you do not have any then get yourself one before visiting the island. You will find many companies offering the insurance cover for the Hamilton island tour. 

Accommodation Packages 

If you have signed up for an accommodation package at the Hamilton Island then inquire if you will be getting a hotel staff waiting for you at the airport to escort you at the destination or not as few hotels provide this facility while most of the apartments also take care of their customer service. Hamilton Island Holiday Apartments have been providing personalized accommodation plans on the island just as per your requirements and needs. You can check them out as well for a great stay experience as well as to add the feel of a native essence to your visit. 

Reservation of the Ferry Tours 

Whitsunday is a group of island, you can visit the nearby spots and get yourself amused by the natural scenic beauty and soul relaxing experiences. Before arriving at the Hamilton Island, make sure you have made a reservation for all the ferry excursion trips to the vicinity to keep yourself from out-of-space or no seat available problems. 

Check-In Time 

Generally, the check-in time is 2 PM however, you can ask your provider of accommodation in Hamilton Island about it. If you have arrived earlier than the check-in time then it is best to bring along a day bag having a swimming costume, spare clothes, sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses along so you could sit and enjoy by the poolside and start your holiday right away. The accommodation provider will contact you on its own once your place of stay is ready.  

It is highly advisable to opt out for pre-bookings for hotels, eateries, activities and other to-do stuff at the island. Because it is one of the most visited islands in Australia and is usually packed with people throughout the year. Therefore, pre-booking is a good way to not miss out on anything important or a must-do.  

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