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Some Awesome Baby Shower Ideas For The Second (Third Or Fourth) Time Mommy! 

Some Awesome Baby Shower Ideas For The Second (Third Or Fourth) Time Mommy! 

Baby showers are always the memorable and special events filled with excitement, love and celebrations. Especially for the first-time moms, the shower is filled with gifts, best wishes and excessive love from the guests who are overjoyed at the arrival of a baby. Most of us love to buy swings, swaddle blankets, baby wash, baby outfits and all the little things that a new baby is going to need. There is no doubt that the first baby and the baby shower get all the attention a pregnant woman is craving at that time. However, things become a bit fuzzier when a woman welcomes her second, third or fourth baby. The friends of the pregnant mommy are often left confused on how to plan the shower this time, because obviously all the things have already been done before. While people believe that there is no need for a baby shower the second or third time, we believe that every pregnancy and baby deserve to be celebrated with love and joy. You don’t necessarily have to follow the pattern you follow for first time preggo, but there is a lot that can be done and that too in a unique way. We won’t just leave you hanging there to think on your own, because we are giving you some amazing alternative baby shower ideas that will make this second, third or even fourth celebration better than before. 

Host A Girl’s Time Together: 

The more babies you have, the more low key you want to go to the celebrations and enjoy in peace. It is always fun to get together with friends to celebrate, reminisce old times and just bond over the happiness of a baby that has yet to come. Invite over all the friends, have lots of food, pick up some games or select a movie that you all should watch together. Keep an endless supply of ice-cream and cookies that keeps everyone entertained. You can buy Sophie Giraffe, cradle or some other items to gift to the mommy to be as well. You can also have a fun day out as well. After the babies, we are sure that you all must have been so busy taking care of them, you would have been ignoring yourselves. So, leave the kids with your husband or babysitter and get out for shopping, pedicures and a fulfilling lunch or dinner. When you are already a mama, a day all to yourself along with friends is going to be a luxury that you won’t be blessed with again. So, believe us, if you do this for your friend, she is going to love it and remember it for a very long time to come. 

A Practical Gift? 

We all know that the first babies get spoiled in the gift department, and by the time more babies arrive, the mommy is already stocked up with the items that are needed. This is why, most of the friends face this dilemma of what to gift and what not. Instead of purchasing the usual old, all of your lady friends can pitch in for a group gift that’s meaningful and can be savoured in a long run. Ditch the usual registry, or you can buy some cute toys and Sophie giraffe, and surprise the mommy-to-be. You don’t have to go overboard, just visit your preggo friend’s home together and clean it inside out. We bet she will love it. Or, if you have a budget, you can buy her a day getaway to some good place, a massage or a gift card to Amazon or her favourite restaurant. 

Arrange A Brunch: 

No matter second or third time, some ladies just love having typical shower and parties. So, if you think, your friend really needs that gathering, arrange a brunch some place nice. You can also buy gifts if the baby’s gender does not match with its siblings, as it is going to be a completely new experience for the pregnant woman. You can arrange some light-hearted activities, share your stories and a laid-back brunch at a nice local spot. 

The baby showers are all about creating memories before the woman gives birth to a new life. Hence, reach out to your tribe of friends who couldn’t be there and collect some well wishes from them. A little love and affirmation goes a long way, so don’t forget to make this already special time more special for your friend. 

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