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Slay with your curves!

Slay with your curves!

If you’re unsure how plus size style guidelines might help you with your clothing, you could also be unsure what constitutes a “standard” for what constitutes “plus size.” In the modelling business, plus size usually refers to anything from a size 8 to a size 10 and up. Given that more than half of Australian women wear a size 14 or larger, I assume that over half of Australian women are regarded to fit into plus-size apparel trends. Nonetheless, I believe that you should not let a label or even a size define you. 

You don’t have to fit into a box, your clothes size doesn’t define you, and you’re gorgeous just the way you are, no matter what anybody says! 

Accept and Appreciate Your Body – Each and every one of us is stunning! There is so much to be grateful for if you are alive and breathing. Every day, your body performs miracles for you. It’s important to grow to appreciate it. If you need a little assistance, here are some mantras to get you started! 

Follow Plus Size Bloggers - Find people that look like you and follow them! If we’re regularly exposed to stuff that makes us feel anxious or inferior (particularly if that’s not the intention), social media may become a poisonous environment. It’s extremely important to take a social media detox now and then to ensure that our feeds aren’t too glorified and unreachable pictures. 

Understand Which Materials Are Most Appropriate for Your Body – Certain textiles are more appealing than others. You could discover that your body shape need more structured materials, or that clinging and flexible fabrics don’t suit you. When ordering clothing online, pay attention to the descriptions so you don’t end up with fabrics you don’t like. 

Make Smart Accessory Choices – The right accessories may make or break an outfit combo. If you’re having a bad week and would like to cover up a bit more or wear more subdued or dark tones, glam up your outfit with some earrings, a lovely necklace or bracelet, or a decent purse. 

Join Plus-Size Social Media Communities – Nothing beats being able to share and communicate with individuals who share your interests. These organisations may provide you with helpful hints, inspirational words, and even friendships that can benefit not only your personal style but also your personal life! 

Pencil Skirts are Your Ally – Everyone looks good in knee-length skirts. Pencil skirts extend your figure and bring your body into harmony. 

Don’t be constrained by label sizes – Don’t be scared to move up or down a size while trying on garments. Those figures are not set in stone. Try on anything that seems like it could be a good fit for you. 

Use Colour to Your Advantage – Colour is another fantastic method to exhibit your individuality and communicate your feelings. Choose hues that complement your skin tone and reflect who you are, and wear them with pride. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with New Things Outside of the Box – Fashion norms are designed to be violated. Make the decision that seems right to you. 

Seek a Good Tailor – Sadly, some plus size clothing is ill-fitting, or you may stumble across a fantastic item of clothing that is just a bit too long or wide in some areas. A professional tailor would be able to nip and tuck your garment to perfection. However, if you do not want to get them stitched and want readymade vintage style plus size dresses and plus size evening dresses, then you should not worry about it because Sapphire Butterfly has got you covered. 

At Sapphire Butterfly, one can get any kind of vintage style plus size dresses or plus size evening dresses because we are only selling dresses for plus size women. We have a wide range of designs according to seasons and latest trends so now plus size women are never out of fashion, they can get trendy vintage style plus size dresses and plus size evening dresses from us at very reasonable rates. So get in touch with us and slay with your curves! 

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