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Quality engineering surveys at Hennig &Co.

Quality engineering surveys at Hennig &Co.

Hydrographic survey is the analysis of all the natural water of features present on earth. This type of survey is performed by civil engineers who are experts in determining the physical qualities and parameters of underwater area inclusion height, width, depth, shallowness and life present over there. These water bodies are assessed through the use of special equipment particularly use for such survey performances. Hydrographic surveyor, otherwise called hydrographers, use cutting edge innovation to deliver nitty gritty plans of seabeds, harbors and streams. The job includes estimating and planning submerged surfaces and concentrating on the morphology (development) of the sea floor, showing the profundity, shape and forms. 

Water records through hydrographic survey 

Surface and under area navigation and investigation of all the physical parameters and geometrical properties of water bodies like oceans, sea lakes, rivers, waterfalls etc. is involved as part of hydrographic survey. It collect records and analyse characteristics about the natural features like rocks, soil quality under water, water baseline along with cultural features like wreck, obstruction and water level etc. All these data are preserved as a part of the necessary information of water bodies and their assessment under normal to extreme conditions like storm or when the water level abnormally rises up. Hydrographic surveyor is also linked to under water construction like marine or freshwater construction carried out. Therefore, prior observation all the physicality of water bodies is mandatory. 

The sole purpose of conducting underwater hydrographic survey is to estimate the water depth or shallowness of oceans or sea in order to initiate any type of excavation or construction. This can be achieved with use of analytical methods like bathymetric protocols supervised by associate officials. This mediates waterway planning, wreck locations identifications, baseline estimation, tidal reading, water position, shore surveys, levelling and water depth analysis. Hydrographic surveyor sometimes also involve hydrographic mapping which involves measurement taken of underwater or surface area of the water bodies and associated locations. 


The group at Hennig and Co unites the skill and assets to furnish clients with an exceptionally productive, proficient and complete assistance. Staff can give solid data, proficient exhortation and quality looking over administrations to clients in the accompanying regions; 

  • Land Division and Planning Consultants 
  • Cadastral Surveys 
  • Designing Surveys 
  • Hydrographic Surveys 
  • Geographical Surveys 
  • Project Management 
  • GPS Surveys 

In case one needs to begin their work with hydrography or geography, or you are looking forward for the land division Adelaide process or any designing work, then, at that point, you need to pick a firm which furnishes you with the total direction of how to lead the whole work, if you are intending to do any of the jobs any soon, then, at that point, one needs to employ a firm which is a specialist in this field giving you the most genuine advices which are better for yourself as well as your works flourishing. In such cases, there could be no more excellent choice than Hennig & Co. as we are offering you with a wide scope of land division in Adelaide which are amazing for your task to be done so it very well may be done precisely. 

Along with these, we are also providing you with land division SA services in which our experts will be there to serve you with the finest advices that you need. Whether you need engineering surveys Adelaide based or land division SA based, we are here to provide you with a complete package of land division SA based and land division Adelaide based. For further queries, one can contact us right now. 


Hennig and Co is exceptionally regarded in South Australia for its convenient productive and proficient conveyance of a wide scope of looking over administrations. With workplaces in Adelaide and across provincial South Australia, Hennig and Co has developed over 40 years to turn into an innovator in every aspect of reviewing, arranging and task the board. 

Its group of committed and experienced staff has the ability and assets to give the best expectations in cadastral, hydrographic and designing reviewing, land division Adelaide and arranging. Utilizing the most recent innovation and instruments, Hennig and Co can convey creative answers for even the most troublesome and complex of studying projects. We suggest you to avail our engineering services at modest rates

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