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Endorsement by Bombers AFL merchandise and Collingwood AFL merchandise 

Endorsement by Bombers AFL merchandise and Collingwood AFL merchandise 

Football is one of the major sports and internationally the most popular game all over the world with number of fan base and different football tournament held over the year in its respect. Australia is a leading country that is a great promoter and playing campaign of football with clubs arranged in order to proceed with national and international organization of football matches within and outside the country. Bomber is the nickname given to an Australian football club which is located and associated to the northern part of Melbourne suburb, Victoria. This club has its own Bombers AFL merchandise as a marketing strategy to increase the followers and reputation of the team. Similar to this, is Collingwood club established in name of another Australian football team with their own Collingwood AF merchandise too. These merchandise runs in stores that are dedicated and run by the owners and promotional team of football clubs where the visitors and football lovers often visit to get their customized stuff related to the players and team. Thus, it is sort of beneficial part and parcel for the football team and the fans. 

Bombers AFL merchandise 

Australian football Essendon club is popularly recommended as with short name of Bombers, which have their own Bombers AFL merchandise of numerous products and items sale and customized in accordance to the management, team and players. Mostly all the fans can visit and purchase their favorite items to gear up as support for their tea and players by downing over these items on game days. This famous Bombers AFL merchandise include almost every possession and belongings like the jumpers, head wears, accessories, sweat shirts, bands and signed shirts, mugs an photo cards of the players, play cards along with items of house and living etc. 

Many long running members can get exclusive premium ships and discount offers from Bombers AFL merchandise with the allowance of free black and red jumper of the football team. From affordable to expensive products related to the customization facility of the franchise is available for on visit as well as online shopping for the people all over the world. This is a promotional aspect for the football club that helps to interact and engage more followers through such catalogue display. There are items and shopping things for kids to even elders that intensively follow and support the Australian football franchise in particular.  

Collingwood AF merchandise 

Another Australian football franchise which is currently involved and practicing football sport with popular players registered in the team is the Collingwood football club. Similar to the approach utilized by Bombers, Collingwood management has also come up with the ides of merchandise show-casement for their fans. This franchise is also nicknamed as Magpies which actively participates in Australian football league, one of the largest and elite competitions of the world. Collingwood AFL merchandise is run by the club members of the official team with shopping facility of general and customized items of the club players and team executives. Collingwood AFL merchandise is a licensed endorsement campaign successfully approaching old and new fans worldwide as support system of the football team.  

Collingwood Magpies labels are applied on almost all the items to make them stand out in the names of the football club, where clothing to even all different personal and professional products being sold-off. Collingwood AFL merchandise exhibit their new collection yearly in order to introduce new items for their loved ones. The hot spot of almost every other buyer from the merchandise are the official shirts as well as the items belonging to the training sets of the players of football team. Thus, Collingwood AFL merchandise has been another type of influence on the people crazy and passionate about Collingwood football club, benefiting both the club and the fans through this marketing campaign.  


Bombers AFL merchandise is official promotional strategy for creating awareness and connection between the buyers and football team by allowing them purchase the customized and products exhibited by the club. Same is done by Collingwood AFL merchandise where from official player kits to training sets are also displayed for purchase to the football fans of team

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