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Different types of beer glasses to go with your celebrations

Different types of beer glasses to go with your celebrations

When it comes to drinking you will be highly mistaken if you think that people don’t pay attention to the little details like what type of tankard they are drinking in. whether you talk about personalised whiskey glass set or beer tankard there is a huge variety of mugs and glasses to choose from for beer lovers which makes your experience and event both interesting. It might sound odd but it’s actually true that choice of things can affect the ambience and mood of an event. Let’s look at the list of some of the most commonly used glasses for beers 

Pint Glasses / Shaker Pints 

There is a huge variety of pint glasses people of different taste and backgrounds like to drink in from all over the world and most commonly found in bars and restaurants/ In America the pint glass has a cylindrical shape with skinny bottom often called shaker glass whereas the English pint glass is known as Nonic or imperial glass. It is almost like the American pint glass just with the addition of a lip shape at the top. Lagers and English ales are prerred to be taken in this glass. The pint glasses are cheap and convenient to use anytime anywhere. They are not only easy to drink out but to clean and stack as well. 

Beer Mugs 

Beer mugs are most easy to hold and has a lot of capacity for one person to drink. This type of glasses comes in all sizes most commonly in Germany, England and US. This glass has a wide shape just like a cylinder with a handle on side to hold the glass. The glass of this mug is pretty thick to keep the brew insulated and cool for a longer period of time without getting the heat of your hands. Some beer glasses also have dimples which serves as a decorative purpose as well as keep focus of the drinker on beer.  

Beer Stein 

Beer stein is just like a beer mug and is often confused with it but they are actually different. Although both have the same shape but a stein has a lid and a lever on it to open the lid easily with help of thumb. Steins are not just made with a simple glass but wide range of materials including stoneware, porcelain, silver, pewter, and wood. They are not widely popular today but were popular in the 16th century because of the lid it was believed to be more sanitary than uncovered personalised beer tankard. You can still find steins in some households but mostly as an ornament and a souvenir not for drinking purpose

Goblets & Chalices 

Goblets are highly versatile and beautiful when it comes to drinking beer and is extremely common to be used as a status symbol for more royal households that are excessive beer drinkers. Another exceptional quality of goblets are that they comes in a variety of sizes according to the preference of drinkers. Goblets have a thick long stem which can vary in size with a wide bowl placed on top of it. Chalices are goblets as well just with a thicker glass walls that is why they are a bit heavier than goblets. People do prefer goblets for a personalised whiskey set at home. 

Pilsner Glasses 

This is tall and skinny glass and somewhat delicate too, it is used for a lighter beer like pilsners of course as given by the name. This glass also comes in a huge variety of sizes but still have a lesser capacity than a pint glass. This glass in incredibly popular among Europeans and Americans as they brings out the true flavours of the drink and let the drinker appreciate the taste as a whole 

Strange Glasses 

This type of glass has many names attached to it like strange glass, pole glass, stick glass, or rod glass because of the unique and weird rod like shape of this glass it is known as strange because it is called rod in German and this glass is tall and slander and looks exactly like a rod. Without a doubt this glass has the most boring appearance but have to be listed because of its usage among drinkers. 

It’s always mesmerising to have a personalised beer tankard set if you are a true drinker and appreciates a quality time with your Favourite friends and a nice beer. 

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