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Checklist for Coming up with a Business Domain Name

Checklist for Coming up with a Business Domain Name

Still in the process of creating a URL web address for your business? Follow the below checklist to make sure you get it right:

Use the KISS Method

Keep It Simple Stupid: this is the first thing you need to know about creating a URL. Think back to the most popular URLs on the web, like Google. All these URLs have something in common. They are very short, often one word. And they are easy to spell and remember. In other words: simple. URLs must be easy to type and remember for users. If they are not, it will be difficult to attract customers. A URL is included in almost all marketing material. So, if a customer sees the ad once or twice, the URL should be simple enough to recall so the customer can visit the website later.

Find the Right Extension

During the domain name registration process, you will be asked to choose a domain extension for your site. Usually, businesses choose the .com extension. However, if your business is in fact a registered organization, .org might be more appropriate. It’s important to use the right domain extension to attract your target audience. At the same time, avoid picking an obscure domain extension like .biz that no one is likely to remember.

Get Country Extension If Needed

The web address must be created to appeal to the needs and requirements of the target audience. So, if you are running an Australian business where the target audience is Australian, then get the .au country extension. Geographically specific web addresses serve an SEO purpose too. For example, with Google country search, web addresses with country extensions are given priority. Also, country extensions are very beneficial for mobile searches.

Check for Similar URLs

The internet has millions of websites. So it won’t be unusual to find a web address awfully similar to the one you are thinking of registering. Similar URLs can pose all kinds of problems. First, web addresses that sound too similar could pose copyright threats. Then, the customers for your website could confuse the other URL as your own. Therefore, always check for websites that may sound the same as yours. You should aim for a wholly unique URL so there’s no confusion.

Buy Off Alternative or Related URLs

Web addresses can have alternative versions created due to misspellings, dropping words, and similar cases. For example, is an alternative URL of Such alternative websites pose a security threat. A scammer can purchase a slightly misspelled version of your web address to dupe your customers. Therefore, if there are any alternative versions of your web address you can think of, purchase those as well.

Insert Main Keyword

The main keyword for your business should be included in the web address as long as it can be done naturally. It will make it way easier for search engines to list your site for the relevant search queries.

Do the ‘Sound Check’

Once you have come up with a web address, make sure you do the sound check. That is to say, say the web address aloud or read it aloud to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it. When the Therapist Finder company purchased, there’s technically nothing wrong with it. However, it can be read in an entirely unintended manner. Don’t let such a misfortune fall on your company’s web address, and always double check it.

It’s recommended to test the web address with a sample audience before you finally purchase it, always make smart web hosting choices for better business.

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