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5 Tricks To Optimise Your Business Facebook Page

5 Tricks To Optimise Your Business Facebook Page

As you begin to promote your business on Facebook and create a page of its own, you realise it isn’t as easy as you thought. Even with constant posting, it’s hard to build a following and get their attention. Yet, some brands succeed in doing so from scratch. It’s not always about the money – it’s about learning the right methods to optimise a page like that.

  1. Choose your page name wisely

Many think that the best Facebook name for their business counts all the keywords a prospective customer would search for. This has counterproductive effects, however. Your intentions become too clear and you can be seen as spam. This doesn’t mean that you should simplify it in the extreme or go for something too generic. Choose a name or title that flows naturally, without being stuffed with keywords. There are other places where you can do a more efficient search engine optimisation. For the page title, focus on the first word, which is the most important to algorithms and let that choice be guided by your Google Adwords PPC campaign.

  1. Cater to on-site optimisation

This is the first place and the easiest where you can add relevant keywords strategically. The next one is the unique URL of your Facebook page. All of these have to be descriptive terms to your business, referring to what it produces and preferably the area it operates in, should it be geographically conditioned.

  1. Connect to similar brands

Facebook now makes it possible for a page to ‘like’ other pages. Therefore, proceed to searching businesses similar to yours and connect to these. They may like your page back in return or better, you could establish a professional relationship. Apart from this, there is another huge advantage: the platform also shows what pages a certain page likes. Therefore, you might show up in their list as people search for similar businesses. Even if they don’t come across yours, you have a chance at appearing in that list of liked pages.

  1. Easy way to notify people who are not on Facebook

You may have loads of contacts in your email or in various other networks, how are they going to find out about your newly created page? You can notify them all by sending an email message. This gets you to connect to people who may otherwise fail to see your Facebook venture. As you go to your business page, right under the cover image, next to the Share button, you will find a “…”. Click on this, and then select “Suggest Page”. You will have access to contacts in your Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, AOM, Comcast and more. The feature lets you add up to 5,000 individuals at once. This is an extremely useful marketing tool when you have a customer base or a subscribers list to which you are already sending emails.

  1. Pinning posts

Yes, you should definitely pin important posts. Use this feature with notable events, news, information or offers. Thus, visitors won’t have to scroll down endlessly to find hat’s relevant. They will have it all right up there in front. Plus, you’re not missing on anyone landing on your page. You can catch many more customers with pinned posts than if you let the precious information be buried underneath countless other posts.

Don’t just stick to messages and invitations and grow frustrated. Start using these proven tips and you will quickly discover that managing a Facebook business page isn’t rocket science.

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